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GPS Trackers: How Do They Work

Global Positioning System, GPS, is a famous tracking system worldwide. It is a technological tool that’s used to locate the exact position of an item. The item could be your current location, a fast food palace, a person’s house, a car, name it. The technology in GPS works through the use of satellites point to a specific location. Ad while the technology has been around for more than the decade, many people even today who shop for vehicle tracking don’t even know the basics of how trackers work. This article will enlighten you so that you shop for the most appropriate GPS track for your machine.

The Satellites

A GPS track works through a variety of Earth-orbiting satellites. The satellites are positioned to move round the earth sending signals to the GPS tracker. The tracking system then converts the information from the satellite such that it is able to estimate the time, velocity and real-time position. Information from the satellite is sent to GPS receivers, so the two are always in constant information to ensure that the information given is as accurate as possible.

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Passive vs. Active

GPS trackers can generally be categorized into two systems; active and passive. An Active GPS systems, sometimes called a real-rime system, works by sending information automatically to a centralized tracking portal. These systems are the best for commercial vehicles as they allow you to point to exactly where the vehicle is at any one time. A passive GPS tracking system on the other hand works by monitoring the location and storing the trip data on an event basis. Data that is stores on an internal drive can be retrieved later for monitoring. It is the cheaper vehicle tracking system between the two.

Mobile GPS Trackers

Mobile gadgets have beautifully evolved over the years and are today used for purposes that are not just a simple communication. Vehicle tracking using a mobile gadget can be frustrating since it means you must have the device on your vehicle at all times. GPS trackers on smart phones however work efficiently since phones constantly broadcast radio signals even when you’re not making any calls. In fact, for years mobile phone companies have been using radio signals to triangulate the location of cell phones, but the introduction of GPS trackers made the whole process a lot simpler and cheaper.

How Do You Choose The Best Tracking Device For Your Vehicle?

The market is flooded with lots of GPS tracking devices, making it challenging for even the most knowledgeable people to decide on the best gadget for their use. It’s therefore important to evaluate the different options so that you get a system that fits your needs. Several factors will determine the ideal GPS tracking to choose. These include price, the type of vehicle, the number of vehicle, the type of use for the vehicle, among others.

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