Who is Car Funding?

Car Funding is your one stop commercial broking partner that was established by brokers for brokers. We are open in helping everyone in the Small-Medium Enterprise sector to be successful in their chosen industry by funding them regardless of how much they need.

Why would I use MAGNOLIA?

Most brokers don’t like to offer commercial loans, or only offer commercial loans in a limited way. Magnolia allows you to serve this clients needs and earn commission with every settlement.

Does my client remain mine and how do
you protect my ownership of the client?

Your client will always be yours- think of us like aback-office partner to help you write commercial.Magnolia does not write home loans, offer wealth advisory or anything else other than our speciality commercial lending.

We will automatically notify you of updates in your clients application. If your client ever comes back to us directly, we will immediately contact you so that you own the interaction.

Does Valiant contact my client?

Only upon your consent will we contact your client to help them through the application process with the relevant lender for a specific commercial transaction. They remain your client – we exist only to help you serve your client on a specific commercial transaction.

Do I get commission for funded referrals?

Every time a loan is settled you earn referral commission, even on repeat business- forever!

Is this really free for me to use?

Yes! You pay zilch, zero, nada.

When is my commission paid?

We pay referral fees to you directly once the lender pays us the settlement commission.

Who is managing my client’s deal?

All client interactions are overseen and managed by our Credit Solutions team headed up by our Head of Credit Solutions, Ian Chambers. Ian is an industry veteran with 35+ years of experience in commercial & equipment finance with organisations such as AMP, St George, Capital Finance and NAB.

What if I am accredited with an aggregator?

As we aren’t a lender, we don’t need to be on your aggregator’s panel to work together. Working with us isn’t going “off-panel”, you are just referring to a professional commercial broker partner.

It’s the same as referring the deal to another accredited broker who will be able to get your client the best solution